Do It Yourself Toolkits!

We encourage you to take the participate in the 2016 Season for Nonviolence, no matter your location. Here are some excellent resources to help you Do it Yourself!:

64 Daily Practices That Make a Difference
By focusing education and community action on attaining peace in the spirit of Gandhi and King, A Season for Nonviolence promotes the teaching that every person can move the world forward in the direction of peace through daily nonviolent choices and actions at home, at school, in the workplace and community. It is, therefore, the purpose of the Season and the following 64 Daily Practices to educate and inspire individuals and organizations alike to actively seek out nonviolent means by which to empower themselves and others to co-exist in peace and prosper together in community.

Download the 64 Daily Practices That Make a Difference Here:

64 Daily Practices

64 Daily Practices for Teens
These 64 daily practices focus on themes and actions geared towards teenagers. The content was adopted by CSL Teens (Center for Spiritual Living), Youth of Unity (Unity Church of Dallas) and the Greater Dallas Taskforce.

64 Daily Practices for Teens
AGNT – Peace Prayer Circle guidelines

Patsy Stevens – MLK bio for kids

AGNT – King, Gandhi and Chavez main principles

AGNT – Call to Action workshop for individuals or organization