2011 Season

Kathy Kelly – Distinguished Gandhi Lecturer

Kathy Kelly helped initiate Voices in the Wilderness, a campaign to end the UN/US sanctions against Iraq. For bringing medicine to Iraq in open violation of the UN/US sanctions, she and other campaign members were notified of a proposed $163,000 penalty for the organization, threatened with 12 years in prison, and eventually fined $20,000, a sum which they’ve refused to pay. Kelly has taught in Chicago area community colleges and high schools since 1974. From 1980 – 1986 she taught at St. Ignatius College Prep (Chicago, IL). She is active with the Catholic Worker movement and, as a pacifist and war tax refuser, has refused payment of all Federal income tax since 1980. She currently helps coordinate the Voices for Creative Nonviolence campaign.


Arthur Romano – Lecturer & Kingian Nonviolence Trainer

Presentations by Arthur Romano, certified nonviolence trainer and international educator, will honor the lives of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. and offer insights into the vision of these two great men. Romano is currently the Inamori Center for Ethics and National Peace Academy Teaching Fellow at Case Western Reserve University.


Nontombi Naomi Tutu - Closing Keynote Speaker

In this empowering keynote speech, Naomi Tutu combines Dr. King’s dream of the “Beloved Community” with the teachings of a South African proverb, speaking to the need to understand how our actions – or inactions – affect all with whom we come in contact and ourselves. Rather than focus on what separates us, Tutu encourages us to focus on our shared humanity in order to build a just world. Both the “Beloved Community” and the proverb share an underlying theme: the importance of not dehumanizing those with who we are in conflict, but rather concentrate on what we have the power to change.