The Season for Nonviolence in Prison

In 2015, Groveland Correctional Facility (south of Rochester, New York) will be celebrating the Season for Nonviolence for the third year! The administration alongside several inmate organizations plans to hold an essay and art contest, inviting inmates to submit entries related to the theme of nonviolence. Additionally, the Gandhi Institute hopes to offer classes on Nonviolent Communication to the men.

This year the prison is re-printing the booklet “64 Daily Practices to Live Nonviolence,” which was designed by Gandhi Institute staff member Shannon Richmond. The booklet gives a daily theme, quote, and exercise which has been tailored to incarcerated people. The booklet will be distributed to inmates and some of the messages will be enlarged into poster-size to be posted in all of the inmates’ dormitories.

Please keep Groveland men in your thoughts throughout the Season, and please consider adopting the daily practices with them! You can view and download a “64 Ways” booklet here.

If you’d like to see the booklet specifically for incarcerated people, you can view and download it here: 64 Daily Practices to Live Nonviolence (Please note: the pages are in the correct order once the booklet is printed double-sided and folded in half.) There is no copyright on this booklet, and we would be delighted if you want to print some and mail them to friends or family you have in prison.